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Special Announcement

Foster’s Shoes Toronto will be closing permanently on May 28th, 2022.

We would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all of our loyal customers both past and present.

We would also like to thank all of our employees past and present for all of their efforts.

Countless medical professionals have supported our business since our opening in 1953 and to you we would also like to say thank you.

It has been a rewarding and satisfying seven decades and all of you have helped make it possible.

For those of our customers who would like to repeat the same type of Foot Orthotics we have been making for you, please contact Johnson Brothers at 416-297-8555. If you require a lift to a shoe due to a leg length discrepancy, they can also do this work. Please note Johnson Brothers is NOT a retail shoe store, and they have no footwear inventory. Appointments are always necessary.

Thank you,

The Foster Family

1894 Lawrence Ave E.

Scarborough ON M1R 2Y5

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Wide Range of Quality Shoes in Toronto

The following, while not showing everything that is stocked in our store, is very representative of our stock of comfortable, supportive footwear. Certain items are seasonal.

We stock shoes from medium, wide, extra wide, and extra, extra wide widths with a greater weighting put on the wider widths.

Though not part of our in-stock selection, we also carry shoes from:


For well over a century, PediFix has sold unique and innovative footcare solutions to help relieve pain, improve comfort and make feet more attractive.

DB EasyB Shoes

Everyone's feet are different in shape, size and width yet most shoes are only available in one fitting. It is extremely difficult for people who require wide shoes or extra wide fitting shoes to get the style and comfort that they are looking for in a shoe that is wide enough for their needs.

DB Shoes is a UK footwear manufacturer specialising in extra wide (EE fitting), extra wide, extra deep (4E fitting), extremely wide (6E fitting) and extremely wide and deep (8E fitting) footwear ensuring that you get the correct fitting footwear for your feet.

The Sensible Shoe Company

The Sensible Shoe Company offers a great selection of shoes, offering love at first step.

Simone-The Stretchable Shoe

  • Simone Lace and Simone Velcro
  • Smooth leather and stretch leather
  • Accommodates foot problems with elegance

Foster Shoes: Finn Comfort

  • Riad
  • Material : Karbo
  • Color : brown
  • Size available : 39-47

  • Sylt Soft
  • Material : Nappa
  • Color : black
  • Size available : 35-45

  • Gomera
  • Material : Sartor
  • Color : rock
  • Size available : 35-42

  • Jamaica Soft
  • Material : Nappa
  • Color : black
  • Size available : 34-43

  • Sintra Soft
  • Material : NappaSeda
  • Color : taupe
  • Size available : 34-43
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